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About Us

Our Vision

To be a trusted & respected global trade partner in general food commodities supplies in bulk scale.

Our Mission

To fulfill our valued client demands on all levels by utilizing our all possible resources from our global partner’s.

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Who We Are

We deal a variety of FMCG products on from one 20ft full load container size to N-number of containers for the following items;
Frozen Halal Beef
Frozen Halal Chicken
Salted/ Un-Salted Butter from 450g to 25Kg per piece.
Different Spices
Jams (commercial supplies only)
Hen Whole Egg Powder
Wheat stretch
Olive Oil
Non-Food Items
Textile (bedsheets/ Linens)
Leather Goods (Leather Jackets/ Handbags/ Accessories/ Wallets)

What we do ?

All our import & export take place from different part of the word through our strong and trusted business partner network.
We provide all documents;
• Halal Certificate
• Health Certificate
• Master Datasheet for various products

Our Services

We offer a wide range of brokerage services for the middle east and Canadian import/ export companies. These services include but not limited to sourcing product or services, crosschecking of company background through personal reference, representing officially on behalf of client, negotiate and facilitate the whole business opportunity, and convert this to a successful business deal.

Our Product Range

Halal Frozen Beef

We provide full range of Halal frozen beef from different part of the world through our reliable and trusted business partners to our various clients across the world and specially in the middle east market. New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, are mainly the main source of the Halal beef while Pakistan, Sudan, and some African countries are the secondary source for the small or seasonal quantities.


Sugar is one of the key commodity product for international trade across the world. We can provide X-number of containers to any clients due to our in-depth relations with our various global partners. Most of our sugar is being exported from Brazil as well as Thailand, other than these two we could supply from Pakistan, India and from China as well. Sugar has lot of verity based on its quality and refined situation for example;

• ICUMSA 45 – White Refined Granulated Sugar: The most highly refined form of sugar. This sugar has a sparkling white color, and is the type most often sold direct to consumers in the form of sugar cubes, bags of sugar, and in sugar sachets

• ICUMSA 100 – 150 – Extra Special White Crystal Sugar: Considered food grade sugar, this sugar is often used in large scale baking, drinks making, or the production of other food stuffs.
• ICUMSA 200 – Special White Crystal Sugar: Food grade sugar suitable for less demanding applications where appearance is not integral to the function of the sugar.
• ICUMSA 600-800 – Consumable Brown Sugar: This sugar is consumable by humans, and is generally regarded as being very tasty on porridge.
• Any sugar above ICUMSA 800 is not suitable for humans however, and needs to undergo further refining to remove bacteria and other contaminants.
• ICUMSA 800-1200 – Very High Polarization (VHP) Sugar.
• ICUMSA 1600 – 2000 – Raw Sugar: Suitable for further refining, and in some areas of the world may be incorporated into foodstuffs or beauty products.
• ICUMSA 4600 MAX – Very Raw Sugar: This type of sugar has undergone very little refining, if any. This is generally regarded as being raw sugar which is then sent to refineries to be refined into any of the above grades of sugar

Halal Frozen Chicken

We are sellers of certified halal frozen chicken and we are looking for serious buyers to extend our long term business with them. For any large quantity or private labeling we play our role as “Broker” between the main supplier and end-user buyer. We believe on business ethics so we expect similar respect of words from our valued client. We can supply many kinds of frozen chicken cuts as per following;

1. frozen whole chicken
2. frozen chicken feet
3. frozen chicken Paws
4. frozen chicken breast
5. frozen chicken thighs
6. frozen chicken drumstick
7. frozen chicken leg quarters
8. frozen chicken wings
9. Boneless skinless chicken fillets, and all other chicken parts.

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Salted/ Unsalted Butter

We are sellers of salted/unsalted butter for any commercial quantity. Our butter range starts from 250gm, 450gm, 1Kg, 5Kg, and 25Kg per bar. We could provide “Private Labeling” for our regular clients. Our all products are highest standard of quality and health certified.

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Whole Egg Powder

The whole egg powder is made of fresh hen eggs. After braking of the eggs the liquid whole egg is pasteurized, homogenized and spray dried. The whole egg powder does not contain any other additives. 20-kg net weight in paper bags with polyethylene inside. The shelf life of this product is 12 months from date of manufacture, we should keep it cold and dry place and away from sun. We source it from EU as well North American countries.

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